3 comments on “The Moss… Delicious Yunnan food

  1. ah mah gah! the food at that restaurant looks delicious! i really miss the food in China! :((
    I am glad you are able to stay for another semester! Is this semester pretty good for you? Are you ready to come back to the US???

  2. Hi Claudia! I’ve just read most of your post here and it was really helpful. I am coming to Beijing in Feb. and I am going to study at Tsinghua as well 🙂 I have a question about accessing fb, twitter, etc. in Tsinghua dorms. How did you work it out? I’m really worried and I can’t really imagine contacing my friends without facebook.
    Have a nice day and enjoy your last weeks in China!
    Miriam from Poland

    • Hi Miriam! Thank you, I’m happy to hear that my blog is helpful to you. About accessing fb, twitter, youtube, etc. you need to get a VPN. The last couple of months my VPN, panda pow, was blocked by the great firewall. You need to check and ask around to people which VPN they’re using and that it gives them access to fb. Good Luck!

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